• The Scarlet Sisterhood: Treating Partners of Sex Addicts

    Addiction is a disease, end of discussion . . . right? As practitioners within the field of behavioral health and wellness, we have all heard the message, loud and clear. Many of us subscribe to the concept without question, confident in our convictions that addicts are sick people, not bad people. Some of us have built our careers upon this assertion, while others espouse it personally, within our own lives and family relationships.


  • Evaluating a Competency-Based Supervision Approach for Motivational Interviewing

    Motivational interviewing (MI) is a well-known, evidence-based, brief counseling approach for substance use disorders (SUDs) that combines person-centered principles with strategies for enhancing motivation for change (Miller & Rollnick, 2012). Counselors using MI help their clients talk themselves into change by exploring and developing their motivations for change and lessening and resolving their arguments against it.


Margaret  Arana

A UCLA graduate in English Literature (summa cum laude), Maggie Arana was in a sexless relationship for many years and this experience provided the impetus for writing "Stop Calling Him Honey.." Her experience gives her a unique and personal viewpoint as to why so many couples fall into the Roommate Syndrome, even when they still love, respect and support each other.

Maggie written for various Los Angeles-based publications including Music Connection, the now-defunct BAM Magazine, and the AAA travel magazine, Westways. A long-time lover of alternative music, she was a member of legendary early goth-rock band Kommunity FK. Maggie also enjoyed several years in the public relations business where she worked as a staff writer.

Maggie lives in the Mount Washington area of Los Angeles with her two rescued cats and is in a very happy long-term relationship.

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