• Women in the Behavioral Health Industry: Why Executive Leadership Needs a New, Female Face

    When universal education activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations in 2013, she pointed out that “we cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” Her words resonated with women’s rights advocates as she boldly confronted an inequity that still needs to be addressed today, especially in the behavioral health field.


  • Continuing Care Plan Adherence Following Residential Addiction Treatment

    Common sense suggests that greater patient adherence to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment recommendations is associated with better outcomes. Surprisingly, however, there is limited previous research systematically investigating the adherence-outcome relationship in the context of SUD treatment.


John T. Boal

John T. Boal is the Western Regional Manager for The Advertising Council, a private, nonprofit organization based in New York. Now celebrating its sixtieth anniversary, the Ad Council is the nation's leading producer of public-service announcements. Familiar campaigns include "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk," "Take a Bite Out of Crime" and "I Am an American," among many others. In 2001, Ad Council campaigns graciously received over $1.7 billion in donated media.

While an advertising executive in Pittsburgh, John moonlighted as a beer vendor at Three Rivers Stadium. There, a chance meeting with his hero, Pirates rightfielder Roberto Clemente, helped shape his first book.

After returning home to California in 1976, he became a sitcom writer at Paramount Studios; a Mr. Mom; an independent journalist with over five hundred credits in such publications as Los Angeles Times and Modern Maturity; and operated a successful public-relations consultancy for fifteen years.

In 1998, John published Be a Global Force of One! A national menu for visionary volunteers, the book is dedicated to Roberto Clemente who died as a volunteer trying to deliver earthquake supplies to Nicaragua on December 31, 1972.

A low-key activist, John has sponsored elementary-, middle- and high-school volunteer essay contests and donated over thirty pints of blood to the American Red Cross. He also conducts pro bono public relations for Knightsbridge International and Mentoring A Touch From Above, and is the volunteer outreach coordinator for a local chapter of the Federation of the Blind.

John passionately feels if more people would drift away from our entertainment- and sports-driven culture toward "making those considered least, those considered most" in our society, then the everyday stewards of this new century could leave the most significant legacy in the history of mankind.

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