• Compassion

    Compassion is the “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it” (Merriam-Webster, 2017). Dictionary.com states that compassion is “a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it” (“Compassion,” 2017). 


  • The Trauma Heart: Stories of Survival, Hope, and Healing by Judy Crane

    Judy Crane, author, therapist, speaker, and founder of Florida’s The Refuge and The Guest House treatment centers, is no stranger to trauma and drug abuse. 


  • Championing Pharmaceuticals for Opiate Addiction: An Interview with Behshad Sheldon

    She is a second generation Iranian-American and the daughter of a prominent Persian cardiologist. She is a global senior pharmaceutical executive with a passion for serving the underserved. She is an esteemed member of Female Opioid-addiction Research and Clinical Experts (FORCE), an organization of women dedicated to combatting opioid addiction and its stigma. She is compassionate. She is innovative. She is Behshad Sheldon.



Believable Hope: 5 Essential Elements to Beat Any Addiction

Millions of people appear to be living normal lives yet they are secretly numbing their emotional pain with alcohol, drugs, food, and many other lifestyle addictions. The good news is that there is hope, and author Michael Cartwright knows this firsthand, both personally and professionally. Hooked on drugs and alcohol as a teenager, Cartwright landed in a psychiatric hospital in a catatonic state in his early twenties.  Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout for an additional 20% off!

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9780757316296_The Brain Fix

The Brain Fix: What's the Matter with Your Gray Matter: Improve Your Memory, Moods, and Mind by Ralph E. Carson, LD, RD, PhD

Do you feel anxious, frazzled, or fatigued? Are you struggling with addiction, attention deficits, depression, or compulsive behaviors? Could your mind or memory be sharper? If so, these are tell-tale signs that your brain could use a tune-up. Fortunately, as author Ralph Carson explains, the brain is a very forgiving organ, and in this compelling guide, he reveals the many ways we can heal our brains from the assaults of everyday life and avoid specific situations that injure brain health.      Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout  for an additional 20% off!

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How to Save Your Daughter's Life: Straight Talk for Parents from America's Top Criminal Profiler by Pat Brown

Girls are being stalked, beaten, raped, abused, and murdered by strangers . . . and by the men in their lives. No girl is safe from harm, particularly in today's world where social media makes it too easy to connect with people she barely knows. Buy Now >> Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout  for an additional 20% off!

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The ACoA Trauma Syndrome: The Impact of Childhood Pain on Adult Relationships by Tian Dayton, PhD

Growing up in a home where there is addiction or relationship trauma puts a child at great risk for long-term, post-traumatic stress effects that adversely compromise adult relationships. Buy Now >> Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout  for an additional 20% off!

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The Wisdom of Letting Go: The Path of the Wounded Soul by Leo Booth

How do we let go of the unhealthy situations in life that weigh us down and keep us from living in the moment?Buy Now >> Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout  for an additional 20% off!

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9781558745261_The Betrayal Bond

The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitive Relationships by Patrick J. Carnes, PhD

Exploitive relationships can create trauma bonds--chains that link a victim to someone who is dangerous to them. Divorce, employee relations, litigation of any type, incest and child abuse, family and marital systems, domestic violence, hostage negotiations, kidnapping, professional exploitation and religious abuse are all areas of trauma bonding. All these relationships share one thing: they are situations of incredible intensity or importance where there is an exploitation of trust or power.Buy Now >> Use coupon code WWRBOOKS at checkout  for an additional 20% off!

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