• The Psychological Toxicity of Modern Adolescence (And What We Can Do About It)

    American adolescents now face a staggering burden of mental illness. It is an epidemic without precedent. An estimated 32 percent of United States teens have already experienced at least one DSM-based anxiety disorder, and over 14 percent have suffered from a major mood disorder (Merikangas et al., 2010).


  • Helping Adolescents Connect to Specialty Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

    Alcohol and other drug use can negatively affect adolescents’ physical and mental health. It is associated with the major causes of mortality and morbidity in this age group, and can seriously disrupt healthy development (Clingempeel, Henggeler, Pickrel, Brondino, & Randall, 2005; Grella, Hser, Joshi, & Rounds-Bryant, 2001; Mertens, Flisher, Fleming, & Weisner, 2007; Sterling & Weisner, 2005; Subramaniam & Volkow, 2014; Wu, Gersing, Burchett, Woody, & Blazer, 2011).


Martin  Nicolaus

Martin Nicolaus, MA, JD, is an attorney in private practice in Berkeley, CA. He is a founder and was for fourteen years the CEO of LifeRing Secular Recovery. He is the author of Recovery by Choice, a three-hundred-page workbook, and of Empowering Your Sober Self: The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery among other publications. His article on the Inouye decision, “Choice of Support Groups: It’s the Law” appeared in Counselor in October 2009. He presented a workshop on this topic at the 2008 conference of CAADAC. He is an alcoholic in recovery who celebrated twenty-two years clean and sober on October 2, 2014.