• Veterans and Insomnia: An Overview of Symptoms, Comorbidities, Treatment Approaches, and Access to Care Issues

    Insomnia is among the most common complaints that veterans voice to their providers, and the most common sleep disorder. While common in the general population, a high proportion of veterans suffer from insomnia, and it is known to have multiple medical and psychiatric comorbidities.


  • Increasing Use of Smoking Cessation Services among Women in Residential Addiction Treatment

    Persons with either a mental disorder or substance abuse disorder (SUD) are twice as likely to smoke as those without (Lasser et al., 2000). Smokers with other drug addictions are heavier smokers (Hughes, 2002; Sobell, 2002), less successful in their attempts to quit smoking (Drobes, 2002; Joseph, Nichol, & Anderson, 1993), and experience greater tobacco-related mortality than the general population (SRNT Subcommittee on Biochemical Verification, 2002).


Martin  Nicolaus

Martin Nicolaus, MA, JD, is an attorney in private practice in Berkeley, CA. He is a founder and was for fourteen years the CEO of LifeRing Secular Recovery. He is the author of Recovery by Choice, a three-hundred-page workbook, and of Empowering Your Sober Self: The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery among other publications. His article on the Inouye decision, “Choice of Support Groups: It’s the Law” appeared in Counselor in October 2009. He presented a workshop on this topic at the 2008 conference of CAADAC. He is an alcoholic in recovery who celebrated twenty-two years clean and sober on October 2, 2014.