• The Trials and Tribulations of Terry Gene Bollea

    With fierce body slams and an Atomic Leg Drop, Terry Gene Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) wrestled his way to the top ranks of celebrity stardom and Hulkamania.


  • The Stigma of Addiction: Women and Children

    Having worked in addiction health care for nearly four decades, I have found the stigma behind substance-related disorders to be one of the most crippling hindrances to widespread recovery. This stigma, exacerbated among pregnant women or women with children, forces many afflicted women to avoid seeking essential health care services.


Is Anybody There?

From Leo's Desk


ci_leodeskWhen you write articles, as I have been doing for many years for Counselor magazine, the thought occasionally enters my mind: Is anyone reading this column? Now I do realize that there are many articles in each magazine and the reader is hardly expected to be glued to “From Leo’s Desk,” but it is rare that I ever get a response from anyone....
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