• 25I-NBOMe: Hovering Under the Radar

    Curiously, a cluster of synthetic hallucinogens sold as LSD or mescaline and marketed as “Legal Acid,” “Smiles,” or “25-I” is rarely mentioned. The drug is known as “N-Bomb” because of its unique chemical compositions: 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe, or 25B-NBOMe.


  • Eliminating Shame from Addiction Treatment and Recovery

    Introspection can lead people to look at the pluses and minuses of life. It will cause people to look at things that have been done well and things that could have been done better. It can bring about growth through change. That is the spirit with which this is being written.


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Editorial Policies & Guidelines for Writers' Submissions


Counselor, The Magazine for Addiction and Behavioral Health Professionals, serving the addictions and mental health fields and is published bimonthly by Health Communications, Inc. The magazine has a readership of nineteen thousand addiction professionals, mental health counselors and therapists, clinical supervisors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, prevention specialists, hospital administrators and treatment center staff, program directors, educators, guidance counselors, juvenile justice and criminal justice personnel. Counselor features peer-reviewed articles written by professionals in the field of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as professional writers and journalists. 

Original manuscripts only. We seek original ideas on treatment strategies, research, therapeutic approaches and viewpoints regarding addiction and mental and behavioral health. Please familiarize yourself with the style and content of the magazine by visiting the archives at CounselorMagazine.com. We do not accept: recycled term papers; previously published articles; academic, scientific or theoretical dissertations; or articles lacking proper citations. Submission of a manuscript to Counselor represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is an original work, and that neither this manuscript nor a version of it has been published elsewhere nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.  

Unsolicited manuscripts, letters of introduction and manuscript proposals. Authors are encouraged to contact the Editor before preparing a manuscript to discuss its contents and outline.

Response to submissions. An acknowledgment e-mail will be sent upon receipt of your submission. Please expect at least six to eight weeks for a response.

Peer review. Counselor is a peer-reviewed professional magazine. All manuscripts submitted for consideration as feature articles are reviewed anonymously by at least two members of the Counselor Editorial Board or invited reviewers.

Compensation. Counselor offers no financial compensation for writers. Each bylined author receives three copies of the Counselor issue in which his or her article appears. These compensation copies are sent as soon as possible (within one week) after the issue is published and in circulation.

Non-compliance. Submissions that fail to comply with any portion of the Counselor “Submission Policies and Guidelines for Writers” will not be considered for publication in the magazine.


Counselor is the nation’s leading source of practical, how-to information for professionals in addiction treatment and behavioral health care and the clients they serve. It provides thorough, up-to-date information in an easy-to-read style that translates into increased knowledge, enhanced clinical skills, renewed passion for the profession and strengthened personal recovery. We strive to support addiction professionals and the clients they serve through unparalleled editorial content that bridges the gap between addiction research and clinical practice, while offering useful gems of information to ignite hope and compassion and to generate excitement for those working in the addiction field and/or living in recovery. 

Counselor does not publish advertorials or articles that are geared toward promotional pitches of companies, treatment centers, pharmaceutical or other products.


Manuscripts for Counselor should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style, as outlined in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. For more information, see www.apastyle.org.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation. You are responsible for preparing manuscript copy that is clearly written with minimal errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation. The editor is not responsible for correcting errors of spelling and grammar. Check your paper for the following common errors:

  • incorrect spellings
  • incorrect abbreviations
  • misplaced and dangling modifiers
  • missing, mismatched or incomplete references

Information consistency. Check the accuracy of all arithmetic calculations, statistics, numerical data, text citations and references. Make sure you are consistent in your use of abbreviations and terminology, and in citing references, from one part of your manuscript to another. Inconsistencies must be avoided.

References. References should be formatted according to APA style and placed in alphabetical order. Titles of books and journals should be italicized.

Footnotes. The use of footnotes within the text is strongly discouraged.

Format. Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word with single-spaced lines. Sentences should be separated by only one space following the period. Please refrain from using headers and footers or special tab settings and formatting.

4. MANUSCRIPT LENGTH - Your manuscript may range from 750–4,500 words, depending on the content. Lengthier manuscripts may be considered, but only at the discretion of the Editor.

5. MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION - Manuscripts must be delivered electronically, via our online submission form or as an email attachment.

6. ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S) Please submit the following information about the author(s) via our online submission form or as an email attachment.

  • Names of all author(s) listed in the order in which they should appear in print.
  • Provide a brief biographical information about each author, including academic degrees, professional titles, affiliations, telephone number, mailing and
  • e-mail addresses (if applicable, clearly indicate the corresponding author)

     7. ART WORK - (includes tables, figures and illustrations). Any material that is not textual is considered artwork. This includes tables, figures, diagrams, charts, graphs, illustrations and photos. Please submit these in separate PDF or JPG format (at least 300dpi). Do not embed these items in the Word Document. 

8. PHOTOGRAPHS AND IMAGES - Provide headshots of authors and other images relevant to the article. E-mail images in a standard digital format (e.g., JPG, TIFF). Digital images must be submitted at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.  

9. ALTERATIONS REQUIRED BY EDITOR AND REVIEWERS - Many times, a manuscript is accepted by the editor contingent upon changes that are mandated by anonymous reviewers and members of the Editorial Board. If the editor returns your manuscript for revisions, you are responsible for retyping any sections of the manuscript to incorporate these revisions. The fully revised, final manuscript should be submitted via e-mail.  

10. CONTINUING EDUCATION - Counselor is the magazine with the longest-running magazine-based continuing education (CE) program in the field (since 1997). Three to four feature articles per issue are selected for the CE Quiz. The editor may interview you about the main points of the manuscript to be addressed by the quiz.  

11. TYPESETTING - You will not receive galley proofs of your article. Editorial revisions, if any, must therefore be made while your article is still in manuscript.

12. COMPLIMENTARY COPIES. Each author will receive three (3) copies of the magazine issue in which his or her article appears. These compensation copies are sent as soon as possible (within one week) after the issue is published and in circulation.

13. COPYRIGHT - Copyright ownership in manuscripts submitted to Counselor will remain with the author, who grants certain rights to the Publisher. The editor’s letter acknowledging receipt of the manuscript will be accompanied by a form explaining this policy in detail. All authors must sign the form and fax (954-570-8506) a copy or return the original to the editor as soon as possible. Failure to return the form in a timely fashion will result in a delay in review and subsequently, if your manuscript is accepted, publication.


Errors and Omissions. The development, preparation and publication of Counselor is undertaken with great care. However, the Publisher, the Editor, employees and agents of Health Communications, Inc. and all its imprints are not responsible for any errors contained in the magazine or for any consequences that many ensue from use of the magazine or information contained in it.

Statements of fact or opinion are the responsibility of the author(s) alone and do not represent the opinions, policies, or position of Counselor or the Publisher. The Editor and Publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for such material.

Advertising. Neither the Editor nor the Publisher guarantees, warrants, or endorses any product or service advertised in this publication, nor do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer of such product or service.

Publication date. The Editor reserves the right to change the publication date of an article at any time.

Revocation of articles. Once the writer’s contract is submitted and accepted by the Editor, the author(s) may not revoke the article. The Editor reserves the right to revoke a manuscript from the editorial schedule at any time.

15. REPRODUCTION/REUSE OF PUBLISHED WORK - Permission must be granted by the Publisher for any use or reproduction of the magazine or any part thereof. We require that reuse be appropriately acknowledged with the copyright statement that will provided upon approval of your permission request. Please do not query the Editor about reuse or permissions. All such questions should be sent directly to:

Fred Courtright
The Permissions Company
PO Box 604
Mount Pocono, PA 18344

Phone: 570-839-7477
Fax: 570-839-7448
E-mail: click here
Online permission request form: click here  


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