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Crowley, Brian Crowley, Brian
Brian P. Crowley is founder of Integra Enterprizes, a brand of companies designed to raise standards in health care through better integration of medicine, technology, and data. He has extensive insig....
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Cruse, Joseph Cruse, Joseph
Joseph Cruse, M.D., is an oncologist, addiction medicine specialist, author, writer, and lecturer. He is the founding medical director of the Betty Ford Center. He served as president of the medical s....
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Cruze, Robyn Cruze, Robyn
Eating Recovery Center’s National Recovery Advocate. She is a member of the Nationals Speakers Association, a certified life and corporate coach and has published several books, including Making Pea....
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Cucciare, Michael Cucciare, Michael
Michael A. Cucciare, PhD, is a core investigator at the VA Health Services Research & Development Center for Mental Healthcare and Outcomes Research and associate director of research training at the ....
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Cummings, Ingrid Cummings, Ingrid E.
Ingrid E. Cummings is a contributing editor at Indianapolis Monthly magazine. She is also a communications strategist, writer, teacher, PR consultant, radio and TV broadcaster, Renaissance coach, and ....
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Cutts, Shannon Cutts, Shannon
Shannon Cutts is a survivor of a fifteen-year battle with anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety. Following her own recovery, Shannon founded MentorCONNECT to offer others the gift of hope she rece....
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Czarnopys, Bunny
Senior Social Worker for the Robert J. Dole VA Center, Wichita, Kansas with over 25 years of experience in the field. President, As Is Unlimited and has been an Approved Supervisor for the American As....
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d'Abadie, Luc
Luc d’Abadie is an accomplished entrepreneur, best-selling author, and talented workshop facilitator. Luc has an honours degree in Mathematics and Business and a wall full of awards and certificates f....
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Dadonna, Cynthia Dadonna, Cynthia
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Daily, Jon Daily, Jon
Jon Daily, LCSW, CADC II, is the founder and clinical program director for Recovery Happens Counseling Services. He also instructs a graduate school course on chemical dependency for the University of....
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