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Savage, Jim Savage, Jim
A leading expert in the field of adolescent and young adult addiction treatment.  He is known for his dedication to effective treatment as well as his creative approach includes musical performance, s....
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Savas, Erin Savas, Erin
Erin Savas, MSW, graduated from Washington University in St. Louis’ Brown School of Social Work in 2014 with a master's in social work. She is currently a mental health therapist in the St. Louis area....
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Scaer, Robert Scaer, Robert
Certified in Neurology for 38 years; formerly Medical Director, Mapleton Center in Colorado. Author, The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation and Disease and The Trauma Spectrum: Hidden Wounds ....
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gschible Scheible, Gordon
Chemical Dependency Counselor at Hemet Valley Recovery Center where he manages/facilitates the Older Adult Program.....
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Scherer, Philip Scherer, Philip
Phil Scherer, CAADC, NCGC II, MISA II, CIP, is the administrative director of the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IIAR). Phil has worked in the addiction field for over twenty-three years a....
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Schiller, Deborah Schiller, Deborah
Director of The Gentle Path program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services....
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Schlenke, Sherry Schlenke, Sherry
Sherry Schlenke is a wife, mother, and teacher. She holds a master's of education degree in special education, and has taught children with special needs for over twenty years. Upon learning that thei....
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Schmidt, Barbara
With over 30 years of the study of religion, sacred text, psychology, meditation, and self-help and with nearly 10 years of teaching Barb founded the not-for-profit Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life as an o....
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Schmidt, Catalina
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Schmiege, Kristie Schmiege, Kristie
Kristie Schmiege is the director of Prevention and Health Promotion and Genesee Health System, as well as chair of Credentialing Services at IC&RC, which promotes public protection by setting standard....
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