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Fortune, Rachel Fortune, Rachel
Rachel Fortune, MD, FAAP, is the medical director of Newport Academy and a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist with a particular interest in the treatment of eating disorders. Dr. Fortune ....
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Kilgore, Nancy Fox-Kilgore, Nancy
Author, frequent speaker and a university continuing education teacher, Nancy specializes in PTSD and various forms of family abuse. She is a faculty member for GAPRA, the Global Alliance for Preventi....
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Fredrickson, Linda
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Friedman, J Friedman, Jeffrey
Jeffrey C. Friedman, MHS, LISAC, is a primary therapist at Cottonwood Tucson, a 48-bed inpatient behavioral health treatment center located in Tucson, Arizona. He is a summa cum laude graduate of the ....
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Friel, J Friel, John C.
John C. Friel, PhD, is an internationally recognized author, speaker and skilled clinician in private practice; he is the national director of the ClearLife Clinic Program. ....
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Froilan-Davila, Richard Froilan-Davila, Richard
Richard D. Froilán-Dávila, PhD. is the former campus director for Springfield College, School of Human Services, Tampa Bay, Florida. Dr. Dávila received his PhD and MSW from the University of Connecti....
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Fulan, J Fulan, John
John Fulan, MFT, M-RAS, is an AAMFT supervisor working in a nonprofit in San Diego. Fulan has a private practice and a blog at He can be reached at  ....
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Furek, M Furek, Maxim
Maxim W. Furek, MA, CADC, ICADC, has a rich background that includes aspects of psychology, addictions, mental health, and music journalism. His book The Death Proclamation of Generation X: A Self-Ful....
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Futral, Gregory Futral, Gregory
Clinical Director of Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services.....
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Gabas, S Gaba, Sherry
A licensed psychotherapist and life coach who attended the famous Coaches Training Institute, Sherry received her Masters of Social Work from the prestigious University of Southern California. With fi....
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