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siegelw Siegel, Ron
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Part Time, at Harvard Medical School, where he has taught for over 30 years. He is a long time student of mindfulness meditation and serves on the Board of Directors....
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sp_silversiten Silverstein, Kacy
Kacy has 10 years experience in body-centered psychotherapy and joined ILC as Director of Business Development. Kacy’s approach to business development is strongly influenced by her clinical work with....
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Singh, Lillie Singh, Lillie
Lillie W. Singh, Esq., is an experienced attorney focusing health care matters. She received her juris doctor from the Stanford Law School in 2008, where she was the copresident of the Kirkwood Moot C....
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Sipple, Samantha Sipple, Samantha
Samantha Sipple, MSW, graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee with her bachelor's in psychology and minor in gender and sexuality studies. Following her undergraduate studies, Samantha ear....
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Skipper, G Skipper, Gregory
Dr. Skipper is a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and he is a certified medical review officer. He is currently the director of Professional Health Services at Promises Treatment C....
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Skonezny, David Updated Skonezny, David
David came to the field of recovery with extensive business and marketing experience both domestically and internationally. He has worked as a counselor and case manager for two of Orange County’s mos....
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Slaymaker, V Slaymaker, Valerie
Valerie Slaymaker, PhD, LP is Chief Academic Officer and Provost of Hazelden's Graduate School of Addiction Studies, a world-class provider of graduate-level addictions counselor preparation. She also....
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Sledge, Chapman Sledge, Chapman
 Chief Medical Officer at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Dr Sledge is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He is also Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Division of Addiction Medi....
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Slesnick, Natasha Slesnick, Natasha
Natasha Slesnick, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of Human Development and Family Science in the Department of Human Sciences at Ohio State University. Dr. Slesnick has opened t....
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Slosman, Kim Slosman, Kim
Kim S. Slosman, LMHC, CRC, received her master's of science from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She currently is a research therapist at the Research Institute on Addictions at the State....
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