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Lowe, Kevin Lowe, Kevin
 Kevin ‘Kip’ Lowe is Vice President of Training, The Change Companies®. Dr. Lowe retired as Chief of the Office of Victim and Survivor Services for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabil....
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Luna, Naelys
Currently an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Florida Atlantic University. She has been published in professional journals in the areas of substance abuse, mood disorders, and spiri....
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Lyng, Abigail Lyng, Abigail
Abigail Lyng, MSW, LMSW, CMHP, graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in May of 2017 with a MSW concentrating on clinical mental health. She currently works as a home-based clinician for Th....
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Lynn, Bob Lynn, Bob
Bob Lynn is an internationally recognized lecturer, researcher, and clinician in the field of counseling psychology and drug dependency. During the past forty years he has held leading positions in ma....
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Lyons, Lynn Lyons, Lynn
A psychotherapist for over 23 years, Lynn specializes in the treatment of of anxiety disorders in adults and children, including generalized anxiety, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive diso....
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Mah, Ronald Mah, Ronald
Ronald Mah, MA, PhD, LMFT, practices in San Leandro, CA. With an extensive background in education and multicultural and social services, and authoring books in discipline & behavior, he individualize....
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Mainguy, Barbara Mainguy, Barbara
Her main interests include doing psychotherapy with people who have been diagnosed as psychotic, working with people who are having chronic pain, and exploring the interface between art and psychoth....
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Majer, John Majer, John
John M. Majer is an associate professor of psychology at Harry S. Truman College and a consultant for DePaul University’s Center for Community Research in Chicago, IL. He earned his MA in counseling p....
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Majors, Cherlyne Majors, Cherlyne
Cherlyne Short Majors, PhD, has held senior executive level positions for numerous internationally recognized, behavioral health care treatment providers including the Betty Ford Center, Cirque Lodge,....
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Maldonado, Maria
Maria Maldonado is a Program Director at The Center for Drug-Free Living Inc. in Orlando, Florida, a certified Local GAIN Trainer, and Certified in Advanced GAIN Clinical Interpretation as well as a c....
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