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Michael Seyffert Michael Seyffert
 He has devoted his professional life to furthering our understanding of the underpinnings of mental health and developing innovative and individualized treatments for children and adults. As a grad....
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Michael, Camilla
Camilla Michael is currently a senior at Florida Atlantic University, where she will graduate soon with her BA in English. She plans on pursuing a career in publishing and editing in the north east. S....
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Middelton-Moz, Jane Middelton-Moz, Jane
Jane Middelton-Moz is the Director of the Middelton-Moz Institute. She is an international trainer and consultant and has appeared on national radio and television including Oprah, Montel, Maury, and ....
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Miele, Gloria
Training director at the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN), Greater New York Node and instructor of clinical psychology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surge....
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sp_milkmanh Milkman, Harvey
Author of numerous articles and 11 books on prevention, intervention and treatment of addictive disorders and criminal conduct including Craving for Ecstasy & Natural Highs: A Positive Approach to Moo....
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Miller, Dell
Program Director for Better Choices Counseling Services; author; designed/produced The Sobriety Game and Adult Children Game.....
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Miller, John J. Miller, John J.
John J. Miller, MD, is a psychiatrist who serves as the Director of Brain Health in Exeter, New Hampshire. He is also a staff psychiatrist with Seacoast Mental Health Center and a consulting psychiatr....
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Miller, Michael
Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the Herrington Recovery Center, Rogers Memorial Hospital-Oconomowoc, WI; past president of American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM); Director of American Boar....
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Miller, Ryan Miller, Ryan
Ryan Miller, NCRC-II, is alumni coordinator and coleader of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services.....
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Miller, Scott D. Miller, Scott D.
Co-founder of the Center for Clinical Excellence, an international consortium of clinicians, researchers and educators dedicated to promoting excellence in behavioral health. Dr. Miller conducts works....
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