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kellys Seiker, Kelly
Program Director of Touchstones in Orange County, CA providing residential and outpatient services for adolescents, Kelly is certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute as a trainer for Nonviolent....
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Seim, Madeline Seim, Madeline
Madeline Seim, MSW, graduated with her MSW from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis in May 2016. While at the Brown School, Madeline was in the mental health concentr....
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Senft, Louise Senft, Louise Phipps
Louise Phipps Senft is a recognized leader in the field of mediation and conflict resolution and has given hundreds of presentations, speeches, and conference workshops. For more than twenty years she....
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Senft, William Senft, William
William Senft is an attorney, CPA, teacher, youth sports coach, mediator, and ordained minister in the Catholic Church. He formerly served as a public high school English teacher and also taught negot....
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sp_seniorh Senior, Heather
Heather Senior is a psychotherapist and senior clinician at Newport Academy, with a specialty in family systems, trauma and substance use disorders. She has worked extensively with parents and teens w....
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Seppal, A Seppala, Marvin
Marvin D. Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Hazelden Foundation and Hazelden Springbrook, in Newberg, Oregon, has specialized in treating healthcare professionals since its inception in 1988. Hazeld....
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Shah, Dhavan Shah, Dhavan
Dhavan V. Shah, PhD, is Maier-Bascom professor at the University of Wisconsin, where he is director of the Mass Communication Research Center (MCRC) and scientific director in the Center for Health En....
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Shapiro, Shauna Shapiro, Shauna
Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University, licensed clinical psychologist, author and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. Dr. Shapiro has conducted extensive....
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Sharma, Tonmoy Sharma, Tonmoy
Recognized with numerous awards, honors and grants for his work in advancing mental health and its treatments in the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia, Tonmoy Sharma received his MSc in Neuroscience at ....
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Shaw, V Shaw, Vic
Vic Shaw, MTh is an author and master trainer with 38 years experience in the addicitons field. Prior to establishing counselor training programs in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Califor....
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