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Clark, Dan Clark, Dan
Dan Clark (born 1955) is a professional motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems. Clark is also on the International Board of Governors of Operation Smile and on the National Adv....
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Claunch, Kayde Claunch, Kayde
Kayde Beth Claunch is a graduate of the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. She is currently working towards her LCSW with an emphasis in holistic mental health, sexual ....
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Clyman, Seth Clyman, Seth
Born in Newburgh, New York, Seth Clyman moved to Israel with his family at the age of fourteen. He is a proud father of eight and grandfather of more. Seth is a community builder who has coordinated m....
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Coddington, J Coddington, Jim
Jim Coddington, MSW, CTRTC (Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy Certified) is an interventionist and recovery specialist who provides sober transport/sober companion services, recovery coaching and consult....
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Commins, Patricia B. Commins, Patricia
Patricia B. Commins is a seasoned journalist and essayist. She worked for Reuters America, Inc., and has published articles in major U.S. newspapers including The New York Times, Boston Globe and Hous....
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Condon, Timothy P
Timothy P. Condon, PhD served as the Deputy Director of NIDA from 2003-2010, where he provided leadership in developing, implementing and managing its research programs and strategic priorities. Prior....
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sp_conniee Connie, Elliott
Relationship expert and author that works as a psychotherapist in his private practice in Keller, Texas specializing in using a solution focused approach to work with couples. ....
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Constance, Deborah
Debrah Constance founded A Place Called Home in 1993. APCH now offers its youth members many programs including an all-day school in collaboration with the Los Angeles Unified School District; compute....
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Contreras, Rigoberto Contreras, Rigoberto
Rigoberto Contreras MC, MFCT, is Clinical Services Manager for Pima Prevention Partnership “Sin Puertas” in Tucson, Arizona. ....
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sp_cook Cook, Burr
He is the Program Director at Balboa Horizons and has worked in the healthcare field since the late 1970s. He currently runs his private intervention practice “Family Intervention Now.” He is a Board ....
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