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McCalman, Kate McCalman, Kate
Kate McCalman, PLMSW, recently graduated from Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, and while there became passionate about a comprehensive health care approach for homele....
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McCauley, Kevin McCauley, Kevin
Dr. McCauley is the Director of Clinical Services, New Roads Treatment Centers, Sandy, Utah.....
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McClelland, Carol McClelland, Carol
Ms. McClelland has worked in the substance abuse and mental health treatment fields for twenty years. During that time, she has worked in outpatient, criminal justice, and residential settings as well....
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Mccormick, L McCormick, Lee
Lee McCormick is co-founder of Integrative Life Center, and founder of Spirit Recovery Inc., which produces recovery conferences, Sacred Journeys, workshops and other personal growth experiences. Auth....
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McCormick, William McCormick, William
William (Bill) McCormick brings a wealth of marketing and operations expertise to Medivance. Mr. McCormick has a rich background in managing and growing businesses in various industries. His obsession....
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McGuirk, D McGuirk, Dug
He is an accomplished entrepreneur, musician, producer and inspirational speaker. He ran his own production company for 10 years, was a partner in an international hardware and software computer com....
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McKay, James McKay, James
James R. McKay, PhD, is professor of psychology in psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. He is also the director of the Center of Excellence in Substance Abuse Tre....
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Mclendon, Don McLendon, Don
Served as a regional director in three community mental health centers and was project manager at the University of Kansas in the evaluation and continued development of Family-Directed Structural The....
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Mclendon, Tara McLendon, Tara
Worked on the Family-Directed Structural Therapy project at Kansas University, currently an assistant professor in the Department of Counseling, Social Work, and Leadership at Northern Kentucky Univer....
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McMillan_Matt McMillan, Matt
Susan and Matt McMillan have been pioneers in the field of domestic violence and are the co-founders of Men’s Work and the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, the first certified batterers’ intervent....
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