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Future Focus: The Prevention Solution

Everyone has heard the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (Medrut, 2018). This saying was meant to convey the idea that it takes less effort to prevent a problem than it does to fix a problem once it develops. This truth is very applicable to the [...]

The Counselor’s Role in Combatting NIMBYism

The role of the counselor in substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring disorder (COD) treatment involves competency in client, family, and community education (SAMHSA, 2017), which, although not specifically stated, involves advocacy. Certainly, professionals in the industry are actively involved in advocating for their specific clients, but advocating for the development of programs in the [...]

The Critical Importance of Video SEO and Why it Requires Marketing Attention

It’s easy for businesses to acknowledge the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites. After all, viewers won’t find a website if it isn’t properly optimized. Yet, many in the addiction treatment space remain slow to appreciate the need for more than just general SEO in their digital marketing toolbox. In fact, nowadays [...]

The Certainties of Yesterday May Not Be Adequate for Today

I began my career in the justice system almost twenty-eight years ago and worked in many areas of the system: in corrections, probation, youth services, the legal field, and finally in community mental health and substance use treatment. Throughout my career, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment had very specific philosophies and language for treatment. Unfortunately, [...]

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Referrals to Hospital Emergency Departments: A Clinical Guide for Counselors

The era of direct admission for acute inpatient level mental health and substance abuse care is long past. Since the dawn of the new century, the prevailing model for the assessment and triage of mental-health- and substance-related emergencies has been admission to a hospital emergency department, especially when a voluntary or involuntary inpatient hospitalization (i.e., [...]

Generational Effects: What Public Health Administrative Data Tells Us About Heroin Use Disorder

Illicit use of heroin has been a major public health crisis in the United States for decades, and the more recent availability of other opioid-based substances has caused the number of heroin users to increase further. More than seventy thousand Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, from both illicit drugs and prescription opioids—a two-fold [...]

Can Recovery-Friendly Communities Be
Founded Upon Prevention?

Historically, prevention activities have been seen as the early off-ramp for potential addictive behavior. It has been seen as the circuit breaker to the development of addiction; the promise of a life unaffected by abuse of substances. The philosophy that people could be insulated or inoculated from addiction makes sense to policymakers and the public, [...]

Prevention: Creating Positive Change That Lasts

Prevention works! However, prevention’s only proof of value is when the data shows change is moving in the right direction. The strategic prevention framework (SPF) used in prevention practice offers a map to a systemic, data-driven process for community-level change. We may feel that it is working, but it does not matter how well the [...]

Providing Hope to Families Affected by Addiction, Part I: Unique Community Support Programs

Addiction often causes havoc and suffering for families or concerned significant others (CSOs). Stress, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, confusion, family conflict, broken relationships, loss of trust, and financial problems are common effects of addiction on families or CSOs (Daley & Douaihy, 2019; Gross, Lagos, Yessengaliyeva, LaCasse, & Liepman, 2018). Grief and trauma are also common [...]

Prevention’s Role in Addressing Youth Marijuana Use

On Prevention Day 2019, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Assistant Secretary Elinore F. McCance-Katz declared that, “Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the United States.” For the professionals who work in the prevention and treatment fields, this is not a surprising or shocking statement. According to National Survey on Drug [...]

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