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Ask the LifeQuake Doctor

Dear Dr. Toni, I’m a thirty-nine-year-old woman who can’t seem to stop herself from giving advice. Is that an addiction? I’ve been told by my therapist that it is, and I saw your column in this magazine in her waiting room and I thought I’d get a free second opinion. I happen to be a [...]

Transformational Education and Recovery

A person’s recovery from substance use and abuse is not lifelong and all-powerful; rather, it is something that individuals with proper support networks can manage. Having a supportive community network can help many people find additional strength, hope, and motivation to pursue a path of health and growth that will put their behavioral health challenges into [...]

Why Europe Dominates in the Fight Against Opioid Overdose

We have all seen the statistics surrounding the opioid epidemic in this country numerous times, and yet they are still alarming: upward of seventy thousand people died from a drug overdose in 2017 alone (NIDA, 2019). While this number includes all drugs, the majority is attributed to opioids and the more widespread availability of dangerous [...]

Resources for Families and Practitioners

In my last column, I discussed the progress made in the past several years addressing the opioid epidemic and other substance use disorders (SUDs). Improvements noted include reductions in prescription opioids and drug misuse, less heroin use among young people, wider distribution of naloxone kits to reduce drug overdose deaths, and a modest reduction in [...]

Viewing Illness as a Teacher

Decades ago, I attended a holistic health conference in San Diego, during which one of the speakers offered the following advice: “The royal path to enjoying robust health is to develop a chronic disease and learn how to care for it.” There is a great deal of wisdom in that statement, as illness often serves [...]

A Community-Empowerment Approach to Addiction in Turkey

This article, prepared with the assistance of program staff at the Avcilar Community Center in Istanbul, Turkey, chronicles the developmental process that we underwent while designing and implementing community-based addiction services on behalf of C4 Recovery Solutions and the Levenson Foundation. C4 Recovery Solutions has a long history of providing support services and developing programs [...]

Gambling Addiction and Substance Misuse Among Adolescents in Jamaica

This article seeks to highlight the problems of gambling addiction and substance misuse among Jamaica’s adolescents and how RISE Life Management Services has been tackling these issues through our targeted prevention and intervention services over the past twenty-eight years. It also seeks to show how toxic masculinity and perceived gender norms result in the inability [...]

Breaking the Cycle: Working with Women in the United Kingdom

The aim of this article is to highlight how organizational knowledge and the experience of providing residential rehabilitation for people with drug and alcohol dependencies can inform the design and delivery of community-based services. It will also highlight how the development of these services can play a critical role in preventative and early intervention opportunities, [...]

Online Happiness Exercises for People in Recovery

Substance use presents a significant public health concern given the high degree of subsequent negative consequences that accompany substance use disorders (SUDs). Recent calls have gone out for substance use treatment providers to move their focus beyond reducing or eliminating symptoms, and instead shift their attention to increasing positive experiences and well-being (McKay, 2017). One [...]

Teaching Emotional Resilience

If addicts and alcoholics use chemicals to avoid uncomfortable emotions, teaching them to feel and tolerate such emotions should be seen as primary in chemical dependence (CD) treatment. With this article, I hope to prompt increased focus on this objective and suggest a model by which it can be accomplished in the treatment milieu. Primary [...]

Letter from the Publisher

When Inducements Cross the Line As I travel around the state and nation, I meet with counselors, interventionists, navigators, program managers, and owners who I know to be of the highest integrity. They have supported BHAP’s and CCAPP’s campaigns to end patient brokering and to remove financial motivations from treatment decisions. They each celebrated the [...]

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