• We Need a Paradigm Shift

    Teen and young adult drug use is a growing epidemic and the way we have thought about teen drug use and when to refer to treatment certainly needs to be rethought.


  • Creative Freedom

    We can’t all be artists or writers, but what we can create is a positive mental narrative of situations, good or bad, that we find ourselves in daily as we weave in and out of pathways that reflect our lives’ changing circumstances. 


  • Mindfulness and Trigger Management for Traumatized, Substance-Using Youth

    Feature Articles

    Substance use and abuse (SUA) is a common and serious problem for adolescents. Although the rate of SUA among young people appears to be declining, approximately 50 percent of youth still report having used illegal drugs by the time they leave high school, including 25 percent who have used drugs other than marijuana such as hallucinogens, cocaine or ecstasy (Johnston, O’Malley, Miech, Bachman, & Schulenberg, 2014).