• The ICD-10 and the DSM-5 Made Simple . . . Kind Of, Part II

    I think it’s very important for us addiction counselors to have the most current and relevant information as we work with our clients. As I say many times, our clients are fighting for their lives.


  • Puppy Tails and Other Tender Mercies

    Austin had been having trouble sleeping for the last three months when his mother, a patient of mine, brought him to my clinic. She thought he was having night terrors as he would awake screaming with fear in his eyes.


  • Utilizing an Abstinence-Based Model for Eating Disorders

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    Abstinence‐based treatment, derived from the Minnesota model of addiction treatment, is based on the concept that addiction is a disease, and the belief that through counseling and continued support, addicted people can recover as long as they maintain lifelong abstinence from drugs or alcohol (Spicer, 1993).