• A Counselor’s Perspective: Dual Diagnosis

    We’ve all either performed or reviewed client initial screenings, biopsychosocial assessments, and doctor’s coordination of care notes. And we see it too—clients show up for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and frequently report mental health disorders (both real and imagined!) and often symptoms are observable in the milieu.


  • Vibrant at Any Age

    “This aging thing is just no fun” is a common sentiment shared by many of the over eight thousand Boomers who are turning sixty-five each and every day.


  • Women with Eating Disorders at Midlife and Beyond: Assessment and Treatment Challenges

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    Women with eating disorders at midlife and beyond continue to fly under the radar, and the effects can be devastating. With potentially severe medical complications such as organ failure and an elevated risk of mortality (Smink, van Hoeken, & Hoek, 2012), untreated eating disorders can be dire.