• The Little Permissions Lead to the Big Permissions: Professional Ethics for Substance Use Disorder Counselors

    Substance use disorder (SUD) counselors are charged with several important responsibilities, all of which ultimately have to do with promoting client welfare and protecting client rights. Many times I have asked myself why professionals become unethical, with all of the training and knowledge that a professional counselor has.


  • 2013: The Year in Substance Abuse and Prevention Advocacy

    I guarantee there is not a person who works in the policy arena who is sad to see the year 2013 go, unless they represent the procrastination lobby. When funding for all federal programs—let alone ones concerned with substance abuse treatment and prevention—is stagnant at best and Congress passes less legislation than at any other time in the last century, progress is hard to measure.


  • Special Interview with Reid Wilson, PhD, and Lynn Lyons, LICSW, on Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents

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    Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents is an essential guidebook for parents who have children with anxiety disorders. The book aims to help parents identify worried and avoidant behavior, encourage change, and facilitate resilience in their children.