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Core Competencies for Clergy and Other Pastoral Ministers In Addressing Alcohol and Drug Dependence and the Impact On Family Members These competencies are presented as a specific guide to the core knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential to the ability of… Read More
Useful Verbs for Writing Measurable Objectives Knowledge: “I will . . .” list record underline state define arrange name relate describe tell reproduce memorize recall repeat… Read More
Letter from the Publisher When Inducements Cross the Line As I travel around the state and nation, I meet with counselors, interventionists, navigators, program… Read More
Viewing Illness as a Teacher Decades ago, I attended a holistic health conference in San Diego, during which one of the speakers offered the following… Read More
Resources for Families and Practitioners In my last column, I discussed the progress made in the past several years addressing the opioid epidemic and other… Read More

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